Provide the highest levels of quality and service

William & Co. Foods, Inc. opened in 1998 with a commitment to providing the highest level of quality and service to our customers.

William & Co. has grown and continues to grow by selectively soliciting accounts that are looking for the quality and service we provide.

Our product list is representative of a partial listing of what we carry, especially in the dairy, cheese, and specialty categories. If there’s something you’d like to order that isn’t listed in our catalog, please let us know.

For questions please email delivery@wcofoods.com or call 617.442.2112.

our ranches

Pineland Farms


Catelli Brothers 

Giannone Farms 

Crescent Farms 

All products available in High Choice Prime or Wagu. 


“Wholeheartedly recommend!”

As the chef/owner of scampo restaurant at the liberty hotel i wholeheartedly recommend william and co. foods, inc., a source for all quality meats. bill and tricia kinnealey are co-owners of william & co. and are very hands on. their quality and service are unsurpassed.

– Lydia Shire 

great meats that i use both at the boston harbor hotel and at home.

– Daniel bruce

William & co. is my one stop shop for all protein related inquiries. they have the best product and great customer service.

– alex pineda



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